Meet the Team

Nick Oulton – The Boss

Avid sailor, father to two grown-up daughters, former classics teacher and founder of independent schools’ publisher, Galore Park, Nick is that quintessential Englishman – a slightly eccentric visionary who drives everyone forward by the force of his enthusiasm.

Debra Price – The voice of reason

Until recently Deputy Head of Benenden School, we managed to lure Debra away to join us on the eternally sunny (or so we promised) Isle of Wight as our Deputy Leader. Debra advises us on our education content and generally keeps everyone in line.

Emma Bartley – Creative genius

Writer, editor, publisher, general wordsmith – Emma is a woman of many talents. She works tirelessly to ensure that every book and article we produce is of the highest standard and infinitely helpful.

Laura Haytack – Production guru

Our books are a thing of beauty and it’s all down to Laura. She keeps everything on track and ensures that the books you receive are tip top quality. Her knowledge of paper weights and ink densities defies belief.

Clare Gordon – Spreadsheet queen

If Maths wasn’t your thing in school then you will love Clare. She makes sure the books balance, the tables pivot and our money is spent wisely. We’re yet to persuade her that table football is an essential office purchase, but we’ll keep trying.

Hippo and Bobbie – Personal trainers

As with all personal trainers these two set high standards and expect regular diet and exercise commitments from the rest of the team. They are vocal in both their demands and their praise, and vital contributors to the wellbeing of the whole office.